Esprit de Champagne

 "La Découverte" - Discovery


Starting from the Epernay Campsite or the Tourist Office,

go and discover a Champagne house or an activity

Price 12€/ p. (transportation included)

La Découverte Esprit de Champagne-recto


From May, 4th until November, 16th 2019

- Timetable -

"Les Découvertes" of the week

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Esprit de Champagne

"La Rencontre" - Meeting


Culture - Leisure- Gastronomy - Art - Champagne tastings

at the Tourist Office Epernay 'Pays de Champagne'

Free tastings, get your ticket at the reception

La Rencontre Esprit de Champagne-recto


From April, 19th until November, 12th 2019

- Timetable -

"Les Rencontres" of the week

/ next week




7, Avenue de Champagne - 51200 EPERNAY - www.ot-epernay.fr - +33 (0)3 26 53 33 00